What if you could leave a message for someone anyplace on Earth?

  • “You didn’t forget my souvenir, did you? ;)”
  • “Ooh! Farmers’ market? Watermelon, please?”
  • “Now that you’re home, call the plumber!”
  • “Dude, get the mahi-mahi at this place. So good!”
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  • Dropp at the Eiffel Tower
  • Dropp at the Farmer's Market
  • Dropp at Home
  • Dropp at the Beach
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Now you can. Introducing Dropp.

Dropp is a fun and useful new iPhone app that lets you share location-based messages and photos with friends, family, and even people you don’t know!

How might you use Dropp?

Well, the possibilities are endless, but here’s a few we’ve thought up:

  • Give a friend a virtual tour of a city you’ve been to on the other side of the world by leaving dropps in places you know they’ll visit.
  • Leave a romantic note in an unexpected place.
  • Recommend a menu item for a friend when they visit your favorite restaurant.
  • Leave notes for yourself around town.
  • Leave a reminder for your significant other at the grocery store to pick up the milk!
  • Scavenger hunts!

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